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Dutch for german students

You have German as your mother tongue and you want to study at a college or university in the Netherlands?

For many studies you are required to speak Dutch at quite a high level, that is at least level B2 of the CEFR (common European Framework of Reference). Before the start of the study, you need to prove that you passed either the State Examination program 2 or the examination from CNaVT, profile Higher Education.

We tutor german students from level A0 to level B2. We offer two different programs: an evening course and a summer course.

Evening course

If you follow an evening course, you have a good basis not only for the examination, but also for studying in the Netherlands. You learn how to use your language skills. During the lessons, we focus mostly on grammar and speaking. Every week, the trainer will give you homework, so you can continue reading, listening and writing Dutch at home. The trainer will thorougly discuss your exercices with you. Therefore you always know your progress and what you still need to do to reach your target.

We give a lot of personal feedback and carefully monitor your progress.

Course information

We organize courses Dutch as a second language (NT2) at different levels. From beginner to far-advanced. Every course consists of 10 weekly sessions of 2,5 hours each. Check our planning for an accurate overview of the courses, starting dates and prices.

Summer course

The summer course is an intensif course of 6 weeks. Intensif means that you have lessons every day and you learn Dutch in a very short time. This summer course ends with an officially recognised examination. With the diploma you can be admitted to a college or university in the Netherlands.

Course information

In this summer course Dutch for german students, we focus on all the language skills necessary for studying in the Netherlands. You practise your oral skills in order to follow and even give presentations in Dutch and you can participate in working groups and classes. Furthermore, you learn to write texts with a good structure and refined argumentation and you will be able to understand Dutch textbooks.

The intensive summer course lasts 6 weeks and you have 4 hours of tutoring every day. You should also count on 3-4 hours of selfstudy every day.


The summer course costs 995 euro. The price excludes the books and the examination costs.


In this intensif course, we work with books specially written for germans. The first book “In de startblokken” is from level A0 to A2. The second book “Op naar de eindstreep” is a continuation of the course up to level B2.

  • In de startblokken             ISBN 978 90 469 0146 5       33,00 euro
  • Op naar de eindstreep      ISBN 978 90 469 0149 6       42,50 euro

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