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In-company course Spanish

In our in-company courses Spanish we focus entirely on your daily working routines. We develop a tailor-made program for you or your company, that allows you to put directly into practice what you have learned. That’s why these courses are so effective.

Individual lessons or in a group

We offer individual courses as well as group courses for employees working for the same company. The lessons can take place in your company or in one of our training locations in Enschede or Weerselo.


The in-company courses Spanish are all tailor-made. Before the training starts, we will plan a personal intake interview with all the participants. This enables us to assess their starting levels and to discuss the learning goals. The program will be based on the information gathered in the intakes. While making the program, we will focus on the wishes and goals of the organisation.

Active and practical

We work according to the ideas of ’active learning’. This means that we will use many practical learning methods, like simulations and role plays. We make sure that you learn the adequate vocabulary in an appealing way.

Language and culture

In business it is also important to be aware of cultural differences. That’s why this is a standard item in our programs.

Do you want more information, feel free to contact us. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities.


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