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Dutch course (as a second language)

We organize many language courses Dutch for people with another native language. In this case, we talk about Dutch as a second language (NT2). Are you looking for a Dutch course that focusses on personal coaching and your individual way of learning? Than you will certainly appreciate our approach.

Dutch course in a small group

It is important for you to get personal attention and coaching while learning Dutch and therefore we work in small groups (maximum 8 persons). When we divide the students in groups, we will take into account the starting level and the learning pace of each student.

Free consultation

Prior to the first lesson, we plan an intake interview with all the students in order to determine their starting level. The consultation will last approximately 30 minutes and can be done by phone or in a face to face setting. You might be asked to fill out a small questionnaire. This depends on your starting level.

Naturally, you can also request a free consultation. We are happy to inform you about the possibilities.

Learn Dutch in a practice-based way

The Dutch course is very practice-based. Our goal is that you learn to use the language with self-confidence. That’s why we integrate a lot of practical exercices into the lessons, such as role plays and group discussions.

Planning and prices

The Dutch group courses start in september 2013. Click here for an overview of the dates and prices.


Taalswitch is working in the entire Twente region. The group lessons take place primarely in Enschede. If needed, we also use the training location in Weerselo.

Below you can find a summary of the group courses Dutch as a second language (NT2).

Dutch language courses:


Group course Dutch – beginner A0-A1

Group course Dutch – beginner A1-A2

Group course Dutch – semi advanced A2-B1

Group course Dutch – advanced B1-B2

Group course Dutch – far advanced B2-C1

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