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Intensive courses

Fast and effective

You want to see results in a very limited time? Our intensive language courses will help you improve your linguistic skills in only one or two weeks time.

In this individual course we plunge you in the language from 8:30 am until 17:00 pm. You will make substantial progress in a very short time. You are fully dedicated to learning the language without being distracted by other things. You will have private lessons every day, alternated with studying independently. In one week, you will have 20 hours of tutoring with the trainer and 20 hours self-studying. We offer this training for English, Dutch as a second language, German, French, Spanish and Italian. Other languages are also possible on request.

Personal approach

We know from experience that an intensive language course is much more effective with a personal approach. That’s why we will plan an intake prior to the training to discuss the learning goals. The intake also allows us to assess the starting level. Together with you, we will develop a tailor-made program.

The timetable and planning of the actual lessons can be adjusted to your availability. We are very flexible. It is also possible to plan a semi intensive course with less training hours per week.

If you like this approach, don’t hesitate to contact us and to request a free consultation.

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