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You receive guests or business relations from other countries and you wish to speak their language with them. Or you visit a fair or join a meeting in another country. This is obviously not an issue of you master the language. If this is not the case, then you can bring one of our interpreters into action.

Techniques of interpreting

Conversations are usually interpreted in a consecutive way. This means that the interpreter is an intermediary. Speaker 1 asks a question. The interpreter transmits this question in the other language. Then speaker 2 answers and the interpreter translates this answer and so on. This technique is often used in conversations between two persons and in small groups.

However it happens that a speaker has a lot to say. If interpreted consecutively, the speaker will have to cut his monologue into small pieces. Simultaneous interpreting is a solution to this problem. Simultaneous interpreting can be done by whispering (maximum 3 listeners) or by using special equipment. The listeners get a head phone and the interpreter uses a small mircophone to talk to the listeners. This is very handy for presentations done in large groups and when there are several interpreters working at the same time.

Experienced interpreters

The interpreters with whom we work are very professional and experienced. They know how to transmit the message in a correct, objective and reliable way, no matter if it concerns an important negotiation or a consult with a doctor.

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