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We offer translation services for Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian. Other languages are available on request.

All kinds of documents, also sworn translations

Taalswitch can help you with all kinds of translation assignments. For instance translating letters, flyers, websites, advertisements, press releases, instruction manuals, reports and contracts. But also for sworn translations of official documents, like those from the register office, notarial deeds, certificates and testimonials.

Quality garanteed

We work as much as possible with native speakers who not only master their languages perfectly, but who also have a lot of knowledge of the countries where the languages are used. Our translators not only translate your texts. They also consider the cultural aspects. In France for instance it is still not common use to address somebody with the informal “tu”. Depending on the goal of the text and the specific wishes of the customer, the translator will decide on the correct form of address.

If needed, the translation can be revised by a second translator. This way, we can garantee you a high quality translation.

The translation from Taalswitch are:

  • reliable: the content of the translation is in line with the original document;
  • clear: the translation is pleasant to read, as if it were the original document. The tone and style are in line with the target group;
  • correct: the translation is written in polished language and does not contain mistakes.

Use this link if you want to request a quotation. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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