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Taaltraining werkgevers


Are you looking for a business language course for your company or employer? We can help you. We organize different general language courses for business purposes, but we also offer courses for specific branches or industries.

A language course for production workers, administrative workers or employees working in health care… These very specific language courses can be organized in company, but we also organize them regularly as an open group course. This means the subscription is open to participants working for different companies.


Before the start of a training, we will discuss the learning needs with you as a customer. Furthermore we will plan intakes with all the participants in order to assess their current level and talk about their individual learning wishes. After gathering all the information, we will send you a suitable advice. This can be a custom-made solution, such as a private language course or an in company group course, but sometimes an open group course is just as good.

  • Enthousiaste, professionele trainers

    Onze trainers zijn bevoegde native of near-native speakers. Zij hebben kennis van het bedrijfsleven, zodat ze u bij de groepscursus ook kunnen inlichten over belangrijke cultuurverschillen bij het zakendoen.

    Onze trainers

    Cursus op uw niveau

    Voor aanvang van de lessen voert u een intakegesprek met een van onze trainers. Zij bekijkt wat uw huidige niveau is en bespreekt uw leerwensen. Op deze manier kunnen wij u in de juiste groep plaatsen.

    Adviesgesprek aanvragen